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Home Plus Safety Showers

Quality Cultured Marble Showers Built for Safety needs of our over 800 friends and customers.
Get Rid of Unhealthy Mold and Mildew Forever and Never Fall Again Getting in or out of a Slippery, High Step-in Bathtub.

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* Remove all sizes of bathtubs (cast iron, steel, fiberglass, marble, etc.)
* Remove and Rebuild all sizes of showers (floor, walls, ceiling)
* Remove all shower wall material including ceramic tile, fiberglass, wall board
* Remove all mold and mildew and treat walls
* Repair studs and supports as needed
* Do all needed repairs and replacements
* Install new water-resistant backing support materials 
* Install cultured marble non-slip floor and walls (ceiling if needed)
* Install safety glass sliding doors, hinged shower door or use your curtain
* Install rectangular bench seat or semi-circular cultured marble corner seat
* Install built into wall soap and shampoo holder
* Install Price Pfister controls with two handles or single lever
* Install fixed shower head any height
* Install on/off sprayer on detachable hose with wall mounted bracket
* Install safety bars anywhere in home
* Install matching cultured marble bathroom sinks, tops and faucets
* Remove and replace mirrors as needed
* Install adult and handicap toilets any bathroom
* Install safety bars at other locations outside of shower
* No damage to surrounding materials so that installations are complete

* Wheel Chair Roll-In Shower option Available
(see below)

roll in marble shower with window
Roll in Marble Shower
Free In Home 

Free, In-Home Written Estimates are provided for you in the convenience of your home. When you call, Roger Poehls will ask you a few questions before scheduling the appointment to be sure that you understand his specialized services. He will also provide over the phone an approximate idea of what the costs will be so that you can be sure that a cultured marble Safety Shower is right for you.
Roger will then schedule an appointment to meet with you in your home. During that visit, he will show computer photos of previous jobs, provide samples of cultured marble colors, provide samples of fixtures, glass, and all other products. Roger will also go over all the features of cultured marble showers, sink tops, handicap toilets, and other safety products and design the work exactly as needed to serve your needs.
After reviewing your bathroom area, Roger will provide a cost estimate on the work you want done which is specific to your home.
Upon acceptance of the Work Order, a day will be scheduled for the work to be performed along with other customers already scheduled. You will be provided that day and given instructions as to how to prepare for the work and what to expect.
Most jobs are completed in 4 week days.
Work Area 90 Mile Radius of Waco

Home Plus services the following areas with Bathtub to Shower Conversions and matching cultured marble sink tops:

McLennan County and the 20 surrounding counties
Which is approximately “Waco area plus 90 miles in all directions”
If you are unsure whether or not Home Plus will travel to your home, please call 254-717-5950.
Contract Methods

Home Plus provides a Work Order which details all the work to be done and the costs involved. Upon signing the Work Order, a 50% Down Payment is made by the customer for the cultured marble and all other materials to be ordered and the days set aside for demolition and cultured marble installations.

Provisions for Unforeseen Problems:
Sometimes when tubs and shower units are removed, there are problems to be fixed which could not be foreseen before the demolition. These problems are detailed in the Work Order in the event they occur with specific costs usually listed. Extra costs involve such items as insulation needing to be replaced inside the exterior walls, water pipes outside of wall lines under tub and shower units, water lines run behind tub and shower spaces to exterior walls, vent piping out of wall lines, termites, structural damage, etc. which only occur some of the time and cannot be predicted in advance.

The balance of the Work Order is due upon completion including any Extra Costs if they occur as described above.

In the event that Owners add new items to the work, they will be due in full with their being added to the Work Order.

800 + Previous Customers

Since Home Plus customers are scattered over a 20 county wide area, it is only appropriate to provide a list of customers specific to your area upon your request. Since Home Plus has only recently expanded into these 20 counties around the McLennan County/Waco area, not all areas of these 20 counties have Home Plus customers as of this writing. But a personal reference is the same regardless of where it is, so references are available upon request.