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Home Plus Safety Showers

Quality Cultured Marble Showers Built for Safety needs of our over 800 friends and customers.
Get Rid of Unhealthy Mold and Mildew Forever and Never Fall Again Getting in or out of a Slippery, High Step-in Bathtub.

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Roger's Advice

Let me assure you that at my age, I want to give you good advice and have as few problems as possible.  I do my work as a public service and to stay busy and happy, not to make a lot of money.  I have a small business and I take care of my customers.

If you want a large franchise to do your work playing games with price and financing terms, then that is not me.  I do a lot of the work myself and get final payment when I finish.

Please don't fall prey to the guys who ask for an few hundred dollars down and then finance the balance over a long time.  At my age and yours, long term financing is not to your advantage.  Default can cost you plenty.

TV ads that look too good to be true are probably exactly that, too good to be true, or honest.  Don't lose your home to default on their financing.  TV ads are very expensive, and you pay for all that.  Don't fall prey to a slick TV ad.  They ALL make money at YOUR expense if you do a rebath.  We are not banks so we don't finance.  If you need financing, use YOUR bank or credit union, not some fast talking salesman on commission who will never get his hands dirty.  We do the work.  It's your money; spend it wisely.

One customer of ours in Killeen called for a rebath and was quoted over $10,000 more than our bid.  By comparision, he thought we might be "too cheap".  He was very happy with our work, on time, on budget, did what we promised.