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Home Plus Safety Showers

Quality Cultured Marble Showers Built for Safety needs of our over 800 friends and customers.
Get Rid of Unhealthy Mold and Mildew Forever and Never Fall Again Getting in or out of a Slippery, High Step-in Bathtub.

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Questions & Answers:

Q:  What makes my bathtub so dangerous? 

A:  Depending upon which tub you have, you have to step over 14" to 19" in tub height to get in or out.  Having glass doors adds another inch of height for the metal track, so 15" to 20".  Also, when you sit in a tub, you are sitting literally on the floor and standing back up gets more difficult with age.  After a bath, your tub is wet and slippery from soap and shampoo and your hands are wet and your eye glasses are not being worn at that moment.  What a formula for danger!  Sitting up on our built-in seat is a great advantage.

Q:  Will having my tub removed hurt the resale value of my house?

A:  No.  In fact, I have had calls from people who said they bought the house because of our safety shower.  Even grandkids can more easily be bathed in a safety shower by sitting on the seat and using the sprayer.  Cleaning household pets is easier also.  Many people tell us that no one takes a bath anymore; they all take showers.  And our sprayer helps you clean it.

Q:  But I just like to sit in a tub of hot water and soak.  It soothes my muscles.  What's wrong with that?

A:  Maybe nothing....maybe.  If you have two bathrooms, keep one tub and do that when you are not worried about your safety.  However, some doctors have said that vaginal and bladder infections are reduced by NOT sitting in hot water filled with what you wash from your skin.  If you never have yeast infections, etc. then enjoy a hot bath.  Just be careful and aware of the risks!  A hot shower with our sprayer can do the same.

Q:  What does a safety shower cost and do you have financing?

A:  The cost varies greatly due to your home and your choices.  We provide a free in-home estimate.  Usual installations are $5000, plus or minus $1000 depending upon what features you include such as glass doors (+/-$500-$700).  We do not offer  financing.  Contractors who do finance often sell your "loan" to a bank.

Q:  Some other Remodeling Contractors offer financing.  Why don't you?

A:  Companies who offer financing routinely over-charge for their work and have other terms not in your best interest since the customer's main concern is how much is the down payment, NOT the other terms.  Even when promised "0% interest", the cost is hidden somewhere.  Nothing is ever "free" because they expect to stay in business.  We will not do that.

Q:  Do you give a free estimate?

A:  Yes.  But please understand and respect that a free estimate is not free for me.  I take one to two hours to design your safety shower and answer all your questions besides the cost to travel to/from your home.  It can easily be half a day if you live an hour or more drive from home base.

Q:  How long will it take to install a safety shower in place of my bathtub?

A:  3 consecutive days if you do not want glass doors, usually Monday thru Wednesday..  4 days if you do want a glass enclosure, usually Monday thru Thursday.  Saturday is an alternate start day, so Saturday thru Tuesday or Wednesday.  We will not delay completion once the schedule is set with the factory making the cultured marble.

Q:  Can I use a shower curtain now and have glass doors installed at a later date?

A:  Yes

Q:  My tub is an unusual size.  Will your shower fit my space?

A: Yes.  Our showers are custom made to fit ANY space.  These are not pre-built units.  Our showers are made of durable cultured marble, made to fit your space.

Q:  Will you be here on schedule and not tie up my house for weeks like other Contractors?

A:  Yes, and we will tell you what day we will start when you place your order, and we will finish in 3 or 4 days.

Q:  What would cause you to miss your schedule?

A:  Persistent, heavy rain or ice on roads.  I suppose truck mechanical failure  is also possible, but not yet happened.  Intermittent rain will not stop us, only frequent heavy rain Days #1 and #3.

Q:  Do you have References and showers we can look at?

A:  Yes on both.  We have many pictures online and in a notebook for viewing.

Q:  How long do Safety Showers last?  Will you help us maintain it?

A:  We replaced a marble shower that was 35 years old and still working properly.  The Owners simply wanted a new one in a different color.  Yes, we will help you maintain it.

Q:  Will there be dust?

A:  Yes, mostly only on the first day.  Please cover nearby household items.  We will use an air filter to catch all possible, but your central air unit will circulate some dust in spite of our best efforts.  Also, a bathroom window, if available, will help exhaust dust from demolition by use of our window fan.

Q:  Do I have to be there when you do the work?

A:  No.  As long as someone will have the door unlocked or you leave us a hidden key.  Our workers are bonded and insured.

Q:  What is needed to get started?

A:  We will meet to discuss your shower needs, write a Work Order, you pick a color, sign the Work Order and provide a Down Payment.  We will give you the start day at that time to fit your schedule and/or doctor visits.

Q:  How soon can I use the shower after you finish?

A:  You need to let it dry for 48 hours, including 24 hours after glass doors.

Q:  I am considering a walk-in bathtub.  Why do you not like those?

A:  Many reasons: high cost ($10K to $20K), seal develops leaks around the door, customers who have them are not happy with how they work, customers are trapped inside while the water slowly rises and then again when water exits the drain, the tubs don't fill the space where your tub is now and someone has to jerry-rig to cover the space left open, walk-in tubs will not fit through standard bathroom doors, just to name a few.  The tub is just a big piece of plastic.  One lady recently had her plumbers remove it because it hurt the home's resale value after her mother died and she inherited the home.  She said her mother only used it a handful of times in 9 years, less than once a year.  Her mother paid over $21,000 for her tub, said it was a "SafeStep"as advertised on TV.  That should tell you a lot about her not liking it. 

Q:  How dangerous is my bathroom, really?

A:  Los Angeles Times article:  Thousands of injuries occur in bathroom each year, CDC reports
June 09, 2011  (copied from article)
Keeping up with hygiene is a good idea, but watch your step. The bathroom is full of ways to hurt yourself — and a new report estimates that nearly a quarter of a million Americans age 15 or older can back that up.
Bathing and showering appear to be particularly dangerous. Overall, about two-thirds of accidental injuries happen in the bathtub or shower — which makes sense, because each can become slippery. But many injuries involve the toilet: standing up, sitting down, or using it. (Yes, about 9% of the total injuries were from overexertion.)
Overall, mishaps near the bathtub, shower, toilet and sink caused an estimated 234,094 nonfatal injuries in the U.S. in 2008 among people at least 15 years old, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported online Thursday in its weekly Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. And the injury rate rises with age.

Q:  Do I have a warranty?

A:  Yes, 2 years on installation excluding Owner abuse or damage.  Price Pfister has a lifetime warranty on their parts, excluding labor.  Standard construction industry warranty is one year.  But expect the shower to last a lifetime if well maintained.