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Home Plus Safety Showers

Quality Cultured Marble Showers Built for Safety needs of our over 800 friends and customers.
Get Rid of Unhealthy Mold and Mildew Forever and Never Fall Again Getting in or out of a Slippery, High Step-in Bathtub.

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My own grandmother spent the night in her bathtub because she fell, hurt herself and could not get out of the tub to call for help.

These are some comments from previous customers:

What we hear the most often is:  "I wish I had called you a long time ago." 
I installed a walk-in tub but I want it removed and a safety shower installed because I am trapped inside the tub waiting for the water to fill to the 50-gallon level and then trapped for another 15 minutes after my bath while it drains.  I have to sit and wait 30 minutes with the tub door closed and me inside, unable to leave if I had a medical condition.  Everything I washed off of me settled back on me when the water went back down.  I had to go to the other bathroom and take a shower to get clean.  I hate it and I still owe $9500 in payments after my $500 down payment.  I wish I had called you to install a safety shower.
I saw you on TV but did not want to spend the money.  My wife fell in the bathtub, broke her hip and bruised herself all over.  As you can see, she is recovering in a wheelchair.  I need a safety shower as soon as you can install it.  Please hurry!  (I was booked 4 weeks out with other customers.)
My mother cannot get back up and out of her bathtub.  She wants to keep her tub, but she is going to slip and fall again.  She has already fallen several times.  She has lots of money but still thinks that she cannot afford it.  My brother and I will pay for it. 
My parents want to keep living in their home.  They do not want to be put in a nursing home.  They will be happier at home and live longer, besides the horrible cost of institutional care.  Your safety shower will allow them to do that and retain their dignity.  Please help us install this to meet their needs.
We are healthy and don't need a safety shower now but want to install it now before we get on a fixed income.  We intend to stay here and die in this house. We know we will need it in the future.  Install it now!
We never take baths, so why should we not transform at least one tub to a safety shower?  It will be good for resale in this area.  Anyone buying this house in this area will be our age as well.  We still have a tub in the hall bath, but even if not, our safety is more important.
Why would anyone want to virtually sit on the floor in a bathtub and then have to get back up with slippery soap and water everywhere?  I am tired of crawling over the edge of the tub to get out.
Roger installed our master bath safety shower years ago.  Now we are ready to do the other bathroom including sink top and adult toilet.  We enjoy the adult toilet so much because it is so much easier to stand back up.  Our old toilet is a kid's toilet.  Why do builders install kiddy toilets?
People think they are saving money by keeping their tub, but after they fall and go through the pain and suffering and medical bills, they change their thinking.  A safety shower looks cheap after that.
My kids want to put me in a nursing home, but I would rather die before I let them do that to me.  Put me in a safety shower so I can wash myself and not have to ask some female to bathe me.  That is disgusting.  No man wants that.  I want to keep my dignity.
My therapist says I have to have a safety shower before I can go home again.  How soon can you install it so I can return to my home and my husband?