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Home Plus Safety Showers

Quality Cultured Marble Showers Built for Safety needs of our over 800 friends and customers.
Get Rid of Unhealthy Mold and Mildew Forever and Never Fall Again Getting in or out of a Slippery, High Step-in Bathtub.

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About the Company

Home Plus Safety Showers is a small company run by the Owner to keep costs low and quality high.
Home Plus, although qualified through experience and capable by training of doing many different commercial and residential new buildings and renovations, has chosen to specialize in Bathtub to Shower Conversions (cultured marble) and other Bathroom Safety issues for senior citizens. Roger Poehls, owner, was the Project Manager of the $25 million Food Lion Distribution Center in Roanoke, Texas, during the early 1990's, finishing that project in a record 9 months of construction along with 5 simultaneously constructed Food Lion Grocery Stores in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. So converting your bathtub into a cultured marble shower to avoid having you injured in your home is like a "walk in the park." But this specialization serves a purpose far greater than making millions for corporate giants. And this work has far greater personal satisfaction than that impersonal commercial construction.
So beginning in 1991, Roger Poehls began to specialize to a greater degree in home remodeling, specifically in recent years, bathtub to shower conversions, matching cultured marble sink tops, handicap toilets, safety bars, non-slip shower floors, detachable shower heads, built-in bench seats, safety glass, low 4" easy step over curbing, and all other issues for home bathroom safety. When you choose to specialize, you become an expert at that work because you do so much of it and your focus is solely upon doing the best possible job on a limited area of work.
Home Plus is now capable of performing 3 to 4 bathtub to shower conversions in a week, each one lasting 4 week days from start to finish. The work is performed in a process where different craftsmen and tradesmen (licenses available upon request) overlap from several jobs all in process at the same time so that each one finishes in a quick, orderly process. This is an assembly line of sorts, which lowers the overall price to the customer without sacrificing quality due to such a high level of specialization. Roger Poehls ties all these craftsmen together with his expertise for a quality job which is technologically sound in the attention to details which matter significantly for the overall duration of the finished product. His BSBC (Bachelor of Science in Building Construction from Texas A&M University in 1973) is the basis of his expertise. Cultured marble was chosen as the material because it is the only product which is water-proof, durable for 30 years, can move with one's home without breaking, is easy to clean and maintain by the home owner, and for which Home Plus can provide an Extended Warranty and Guarantee.